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The Best Estate Planning Attorney in Riverside County and San Bernardino County

The Law Office of Noreen T. Fontaine assists anyone near Riverside County and San Bernardino County with formulating an estate plan. Ms. Fontaine gives an honest evaluation of your estate planning needs and creates a plan based on each client’s individual needs. As the leading estate planning attorney in the area, Ms. Fontaine does not promote a “one fits all” approach.

The main objective of estate planning is to facilitate the transfer of property. Typically, a client seeks a smooth transition upon death without court involvement through a well-drafted and funded revocable trust. A sound knowledge and understanding of the client’s objectives is paramount to formulating an estate plan and achieving client satisfaction. At the forefront of every client’s mind are the minimization of taxes and costs. Hence, the importance of fully understanding the objectives of a client and managing unreasonable expectations which a client might have. Educating the client is a key component of good estate planning.

Each estate plan is unique and should cater to the client’s individual needs. A one size fit all plan should be avoided. Hence, the importance of understanding fully the client’s economic situation.

Work with our Estate Planning Lawyer Today

The Law Office of Noreen T. Fontaine has been helping clients establish estate plans for more than 28 years. Our estate planning lawyer is standing by to help you develop your own plan.

Call our office now to seek the assistance of Ms. Fontaine. Click on the link below for further information on how we can direct you in the arena of financial planning.

“Solve more, litigate less”

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