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Our Conservatorship Lawyer Protects Families in Riverside County, San Bernardino County & Surrounding Areas

At the Law Office of Noreen T. Fontaine, we represent all interested persons in the conservatorship process, including—but not limited to—those who seek appointment as conservators. Our conservatorship lawyer handles all aspects of conservatorships, including preparing accounts for court approval, for clients in Riverside County, San Bernardino County, and all surrounding communities.

A conservatorship is a court proceeding to protect a person who cannot care for their own person or property. A person petitions the court for Letters of Conservatorship to make decisions over another’s person and or estate, usually an elder or an incapacitated person. Once appointed, a conservator owes a fiduciary responsibility to the conservatee (person for whom decisions are being made). A conservatorship continues to be under the court’s jurisdiction until terminated.

Ask Our Guardianship Lawyer for Assistance in San Bernardino County

In a probate guardianship, the court appoints a guardian (usually a blood relative) to protect the person or estate of a minor. On the application an interested person, the court may appoint a guardian, notwithstanding the minor’s parents being alive, if the court deems this to be in the minor’s best interest. The guardianship will last until the minor reaches 18 years old or the court terminates the order. At the Law Office of Noreen Fontaine, our guardianship lawyer represents clients at all stages in this process.

Seeking the assistance of a conservatorship lawyer or a guardianship lawyer should be your first step if a family member needs someone else to care for them. Contact our office today for help.

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