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Plan for the Future: Probate Attorney for Riverside, San Bernardino Counties

If you are planning for the future and need a clear way to gift your property to your heirs, you need the help of a leading probate attorney. The Law Office of Noreen T. Fontaine serves and assists in all areas of probate law skillfully and efficiently. Our law firm helps anyone living in Riverside County, San Bernardino County, and all surrounding areas plan for their future.

Our team of probate law experts expertly guides you through the laws surrounding estate planning, probate administration, guardianships, trusts, and elder law litigation. Ms. Fontaine and her staff pay careful attention to every client we serve, actively advocating for your needs at every step. Our team then provides a thorough analysis of your situation, including honest recommendations, to help you navigate your unique case. We have provided exceptional customer service for more than 28 years, and you can expect the full support and assistance you need from us.

We Help San Bernardino County with Wills and Trusts

You deserve the best legal help whether you are undergoing a protective process or are fighting for your inheritance in probate court. The Law Office of Noreen T. Fontaine can help you with everything from establishing wills and trusts to litigating elder abuse. Probate law can involve several concerns, but our team can help you handle them.

Our law office also works to make our services as convenient as they are effective. We offer a free 30-minute case evaluation and analysis for every guest who needs probate assistance. If you are facing potential litigation, we advise on the most advantageous and efficient course of action to protect your family and your assets.

Through our assistance, each client walks away knowing what their options are and how they each affect their situation.

If you are worried about wills, guardianships, or the care of your elders, do not wait to get help. Call the Law Office of Noreen T. Fontaine now.

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